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How to Get a Medical Card
Follow our easy three step online process
Book an Appointment

Fill in a brief questionnaire regarding your medical history, Pay the all inclusive $198 fee, schedule your appointment. It’s that simple. Get started here.

Medical Card in Virginia
Get Approved

Consult with our licensed medical marijuana professionals who will identify the reasons medical marijuana will be helpful for you. Within minutes, you will receive your Medical Marijuana Approval Letter.

Virginia Medical Card
Purchase your Medical Marijuana

Bring your Approval Letter to your local dispensary to purchase Medical Marijuana.

100% Online!
  1. Schedule a same day appointment with a licensed medical marijuana professional
  2. Obtain your approval certification emailed to you within an hour
  3. Print out your approval certification letter. Go to your local dispensary to purchase medical marijuana
MMJ Telehealth
Qualifying Conditions
While there are additional conditions that may benefit from MMJ treatment, those below are the most popular
Top Reasons Why Obtaining a
Medical Card is Beneficial
Marijuana Card is Beneficial
  • It is completely legal
  • It saves you money
  • Safer than street drugs (strict state regulations, not mixed with harmful fillers, you cannot get addicted or overdose and you cannot die from medical marijuana).
  • A credibile, natural, non-pharmaceutical alternative
  • Easy access through dispensaries
  • Dispensaries will keep track of your needs
  • Get your card now via our 100% telehealth system
Mature Woman Talking To Medica
For Virginians, By Virginians

Unlike our competitors, we are a small local company located here in Hampton Roads.

We know Virginians and we know Virginia law. We offer specialized services and guarantee the fastest turnaround time in obtaining your
approval letter from our medical staff.

As an added convenience, during this time of COVID-19, you can obtain your medical approval letter 100% online, through telehealth, from the convenience of your own home.

Put an end to your pain and suffering. Call us now.

The Reapplication Process
MMJ Telehealth

Your medical MMJ approval letter is valid for one year. We will keep track of this for you and get in touch with you when it is time to reapply. greatly discounts your medical recertification approval letter fee to $125 (a discount of $73 from the initial $198!).
Save even more!

For every valid referral you send us, we will discount your recertification approval letter fee by $10. If you refer 10 people to us, your recertification letter will be free.
(A valid referral is someone who follows through to obtain their own medical marijuana approval letter).

Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about MMJ and how it can end your pain and suffering. Get your Medical Card in Virginia now:

Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant, or chemicals in it, to treat diseases and/or conditions. The plant contains chemicals called cannabinoids and each one affects the body differently. The two main cannabinoids in medical marijuana are THC and CBD.

Medical marijuana can be used for any condition that is deemed to be appropriate by a medical doctor or a medical marijuana professional such as a nurse practitioner. On our Medical Conditions page, there is an alphabetized list of the most common conditions, for which medical marijuana can be useful.

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Virginia. As of July 1, 2020, once you obtain your approval certification letter through this website, you may purchase medical marijuana from your local dispensary. The state of Virginia provides explicit statutory legal protection for you to buy, possess, and consume medical marijuana.

  1. Book an appointment here, at
  2. Have a 15-minute consultation with an MMJ professional to receive your certification approval letter.
  3. Go to a dispensary in Virginia to obtain Medical Marijuana.
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