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Treat Alzheimer’s Disease with Medical Cannabis

Use Our Licensed Professional Medical Services to Get a Medical Marijuana Certification Letter and to Register for Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program. Treat Alzheimer’s with Medical Cannabis

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neuro-degenerative disorder that is irreversible and which, unfortunately, does not yet have a cure. Although early onset Alzheimer’s may appear between 30 and 60 years of age, older people (65 and up) are most vulnerable to this neuro-degenerative disorder.

Once a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, their condition begins to worsen over time. Symptoms of the disease are many, and not all possible symptoms manifest in every case – or in the same order. The most common symptoms include memory loss, speech and language related problems, mental health issues (paranoia) and unpredictable behavior ( such as aggression).

Alzheimer’s is the most common neuro-degenerative condition. Currently, over 6 million Americans are living with the diagnosis and getting treatment. Since most of the Alzheimer’s patients are elderly,, this group’s mortality rate has climbed by 16% during the coronavirus pandemic. Virginia is among the most affected states in the country. Over 150,000 Virginian seniors (65 or above) have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, while around 9% of the population above 45 is showing regression in their cognitive abilities.

Scientific research has shown that treating Alzheimer’s patients with medical cannabis can help with relaxation, reduce aggression and anxiety, can improve appetite and can help with insomnia.

Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program allows seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease to legally obtain and use medical marijuana to ease a variety of symptoms.

Use our licensed medical professional services to obtain a medical marijuana certification letter and to register with the Board of Pharmacy to legally receive a medical marijuana card.

Use Medical Cannabis to Treat Alzheimer’s & Other Neuro-degenerative Disorders

The cannabis plant is known for its psycho-therapeutic qualities. When used as medicine, these qualities are amplified by breeding out the psychoactive components of marijuana and increasing the CBD component which has natural analgesic and relaxation properties. When the psychoactive ingredients are filtered out, the resulting medical cannabis is non-addictive, non-harmful, effective and beneficial medication.

People are using medical cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s and many of its symptoms with varying degrees of successful results. Scientists have already proven medical cannabis to be an effective treatment to reduce aggression, promote relaxation and enhance restful sleep in patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other related neuro-degenerative disorders.

The Medical Cannabis Program in Virginia Legalizes the Use of Medical Cannabis. Use Our Licensed Professional Medical Team to Obtain a Certification Letter and Register for the Program.

As part of the plan to legalize medical cannabis, the state has launched the Medical Cannabis Program which enables Virginians to obtain a personalized medical cannabis card. The medical cannabis card allows people to legally buy medical cannabis and CBD products.

The medical cannabis program has 2 steps:

  • Use the licensed medical professionals at GetMyCardVA to obtain a medical marijuana certification letter that validates your diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and recommends medical cannabis as a valid medical treatment.
  • Submit the certification letter along with a completed application to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to obtain a personalized medical marijuana card.

Use Our Professional Medical Services to Obtain Your Certification Letter and to Register with the Board of Pharmacy

The government has tried to keep the process as simple as possible, but the application process can be time consuming and difficult.

Errors in your application can cause it to be rejected, thereby requiring you to start all over again.

This is why we, the medical professional team at GetMyCardVA, came together to start our service. After consulting with one of our medical professionals, we will issue your medical marijuana certification letter. We also help you get through the registration process quickly so your medical marijuana card arrives without delay.

With our team providing the certification letter and application process, you can relax as we do all the work to have your card successfully delivered to your doorstep.

Contact us now to quickly get an authorization to use medical cannabis for Alzheimer’s Disease!

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