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Treating Fibromyalgia Symptoms with Medical Cannabis

Get Approval from the State of Virginia to Treat Symptoms of Fibromyalgia with Medical Cannabis

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that causes continuous pain across many areas of the body due mainly to the over-sensitivity of pain receptors in the brain and the spinal cord. Being a fibromyalgia patient means dealing with constant pain throughout the day and night, which, anyone would acknowledge is a frightening prospect.

Approximately 3 people in 100 around the world are affected by this condition. Apart from chronic pain, fibromyalgia patients also experience other symptoms, including fatigue, mood swings, sleeplessness, and memory issues. Any combination of these symptoms can significantly impact adaptive functioning in all environments (work, school, social life etc.).The immense discomfort caused by the chronic pain and other associated symptoms reduce quality of life significantly.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no cure for this condition. However, there are various alternative treatments to manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Many scientific studies have shown that treating fibromyalgia with medical cannabis can be quite helpful in managing the pain and sleep related symptoms. In fact, many fibromyalgia patients have experienced significant reduction in their chronic pain after using medical marijuana and CBD for fibromyalgia.

State governments across the US are authorizing the use of medical cannabis and CBD products for the management of fibromyalgia symptoms. Virginia is one such state that has legalized the use of medical cannabis for fibromyalgia and many other qualifying conditions.

Virginia has initiated the Medical Cannabis Program through which citizens can get permission to treat medical conditions with medical marijuana.

Use our professional medical services to obtain a medical marijuana certification letter and to register for Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program and receive your medical marijuana card without delay!

Medical Cannabis for Fibromyalgia Treatment & Pain Management

Medical cannabis has long been known to alleviate various types of pain and treat symptoms of insomnia in adults. The psychoactive component (THC) of the marijuana plant is bred down and the CBD component (which is responsible for pain relief, promoting relaxation and reducing or eliminating insomnia) is enhanced thereby creating medical cannabis as an effective fibromyalgia treatment.

Over time, studies have shown that people with fibromyalgia can benefit from the use of medical cannabis and CBD products. The pain relief and sleep restoration properties of medical marijuana is an effective, non-harmful treatment as these substances do not contain any addictive component.

Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program Allows Fot the Treatment of Fibromyalgia with Medical Marijuana

The state of Virginia has been cautious when it comes to the legalization of marijuana in any form, despite the fact that many other states across the country have already legalized marijuana for medical as well as recreational use.

For this reason, Virginia started the Medical Cannabis Program, which involves three steps:

  • Use the licensed medical team at getmycardva to obtain a medical marijuana certification letter which identifies fibromyalgia as a qualifying condition that can be helped with medical cannabis.
  • Submit this certification letter along with a completed application to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.
  • Wait for your application to be approved and for your medical marijuana card to arrive.

Use Our Professional Medical Team to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Without Delay

The government has tried to make the approval process as simple as possible, but the application can be time consuming and difficult.

Errors in your application can cause it to be rejected, thereby requiring you to start all over again.

This is why we, the medical professional team at GetMyCardVA, came together to start our service. After consulting with one of our medical professionals, we will issue you medical marijuana certification letter. We also help you get through the registration process quickly so your medical marijuana card will be received without delay.

With our team providing the certification letter and application process, you can relax as we do all the work to have your card successfully delivered to your doorstep.

Contact us now to quickly get an authorization to use medical cannabis for Fibromyalgia!

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