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Treating neurodegenerative diseases with medical cannabis

Use Our Service to Register on Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program & Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases with Medical Marijuana

Neurodegenerative diseases are a set of disorders that target the central nervous system and neural networks in our bodies. They are progressive diseases, which means there is ongoing deterioration of the human nervous system. Neurodegenerative disease destroys neurons and neural networks, which ultimately leads to significant impact on many mental and physical functions.

Neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of people around the world. In the US alone, these disorders, which include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and Huntington’s, affect approximately 7 million patients, with the biggest percentage diagnosed in various stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

As the average age of US citizens continues to rise, the threat of neurodegenerative diseases will grow bigger, since these diseases are more prevalent among people in middle and old age. For this reason alone, overcoming this enormous healthcare and quality of life challenge is a primary goal of the federal and state governments.

Unfortunately, at this time, none of these diseases have known cures. Their complex nature has eluded the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to find a cure for any of them. However, various methods exist to manage symptoms, some of which have even shown improve remission rates.

One of these approaches is treating neurodegenerative diseases with medical cannabis. This has proven to be effective in treating many of symptoms of these disorders and giving relief to patients. Known for its many therapeutic qualities, medical science continues to discover new applications for the cannabis plant. When the psychoactive ingredients of the plant are bred down, the remaining cannabinoid, (CBD), can be very effective in alleviating various inflammation and oxidative stress related symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders. Additionally, medical cannabis has other therapeutic effects, helping patients with sleep, pain, and muscular problems.

Use our help to apply for a personal medical cannabis card in Virginia

Using medical cannabis to treat neurodegenerative diseases

Medical marijuana has long been considered an effective remedy for treating symptoms of neurological diseases. Over time, science has backed up this claim and shown why using medical cannabis to treat neurodegenerative diseases is an effective approach to manage these diseases. The chemical structure of CBD is believed to offer protection for brain cells and their networks that are crucial for healthy functioning of the human body.

Around the country, states have begun to legalize medical marijuana so that this is another avenue that can be used for fighting neurological disorders. Currently, a majority of the US states have fully legalized medical cannabis for treating neurodegenerative diseases and many other health related conditions.

Virginia’s medical cannabis Program

Virginia is among the states that have legalized medical cannabis and CBD products. Virginian’s now have the government’s approval to treat health conditions with certified medical cannabis products.

The state has recently launched its Medical Cannabis Program, where citizens can obtain a personal license that allows them to purchase medical cannabis products across the state.

This Medical Cannabis Program requires a multistep signup process for Virginians with medical conditions. Once you go through the process, and your application is approved, you are issued a personal medical cannabis card to purchase medical marijuana products with the state’s approval.

The steps of the process include:

  • Getting a medical certificate from a licensed Virginia medical marijuana professional that verifies the neurodegenerative disorder and recommends medical cannabis as a treatment option.
  • Using this recommendation along with an online application for the medical cannabis card that can be found on the Department of Health Professions website.
  • Waiting for the application to be approved and the card to be issued.

USE our LICENSED MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROFESSIONALS to OBTAIN your medical cannabis card in virginia

While the state has tried to streamline the process, correctly filling out the application form has proven to be difficult and time consuming thereby resulting in the rejection of many applications due to a variety of errors.

This is where GetMyCardVA comes into the picture. Our state licensed professional team offers assistance to Virginians in obtaining the medical marijuana certification and in processing the application with the Department of Health Professions. With our years of experience in handling government applications and bureaucratic paperwork, we will get your application right the first time, thereby expediting the receipt of your medical marijuana card.

In using our services, we will provide you with the required recommendation letter, prepare your application for the medical cannabis card, submit it on your behalf, and deliver the card to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Contact us today to use our services and start the process of signing up for the Medical Cannabis Program immediately!

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