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Using medical marijuana for substance abuse treatment

We Help You Register for Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program so That You Can Use Medical Cannabis to Treat Substance Addiction

Substance abuse is a serious problem gripping the population in the state of Virginia, according to the facts and figures recorded by the state government. Between January and June, 2020, Virginia recorded over 1,080 deaths that were caused by drug overdoses, including substances such as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, prescription opioids, and others.

In Virginia, people with substance abuse problems and their families are looking into all avenues to find a harmless yet beneficial cure for their loved ones’ dangerous addiction.

As many states in the country now recognize, the use of medical marijuana for substance abuse treatment is a valid option that is showing promising results. The state of Virginia is one of these states, and the state law now recognizes medical cannabis as a treatment for addiction. The state is allowing Virginians to use cannabis for substance abuse treatment but only through its comprehensive Medical Cannabis Program.

Get professional help to register for Virginia’s MCP and get your card!

Treat addiction with cannabis in virginia

Over the recent decades, the debate surrounding the therapeutic benefits of marijuana has remained a mainstream subject in politics and media alike. Medical researchers strongly believe that chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant and then purified , provide valid , nonharmful benefits to various health related problems, which include substance abuse.

Various scientific research studies have been published in respected periodicals, demonstrating the various benefits of medical marijuana. Some studies have demonstrated that states where marijuana has been legalized for addiction treatment have seen a consistent decrease in drug overdose deaths.i Many of these studies also provide evidence showing that the use of medical marijuana in substance abuse treatment is the right approach.ii Apparently, medical cannabis treats addiction by helping patients decrease their dependency on harmful substances without causing any adverse effects.

Virginia’s cautious approach to marijuana legalization

It should be noted however, that the state of Virginia has not fully legalized the use of marijuana. Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal, and even medical marijuana protected by Virginia legislation is only legal in only certain combinations and concentrations.

This cautious approach is why the state is using a Medical Cannabis Program to ensure only those with a licensed medical marijuana professional’s recommendation to use medical marijuana for substance abuse treatment can get the cannabis based products available on the market.

Signing up for virginia’s medical cannabis program

The state-wide Medical Cannabis Program is the process the Virginia government is using to register and permit patients afflicted with any of a long list of ailments, diseases, and addictions to use medical marijuana.

The Code of Virginia § 54.1-3408.3 dictates the terms and conditions under which any patient with a qualifying health related problem can register for the MCP. The state has created a series of steps required for a Virginian to be permitted to carry and use cannabis based products as medication. These steps include:

  • Getting a medical certificate from a licensed medical marijuana professional that specifically recommends medical marijuana for substance abuse treatment;
  • Submitting a detailed online application on the Virginia Department of Health Professions website; and
  • Waiting for a license – or medical marijuana card – issued by Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy in the patient’s name.

Get my card va assists you in the process

At GetMyCardVA, our team of experienced, licensed, healthcare service professionals makes the process exceptionally simple for you. When using our services, you will simply provide us with some basic information.

We will take care of the entire process and make sure you receive your medical marijuana card as soon as possible. We will:

  • Save you time and resources by filling out the application correctly the first time;
  • Submitting the application with the appropriate attachments; and
  • Use our professional network to accelerate the issuance of your medical marijuana card.

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